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How to make your move stress-free!

Moving can be a taxing experience for anyone. It is useful to keep a few moving tips in mind whether you are going across the street or across the country. There are many things you can do to alleviate those moving worries, such as keeping your precious items intact during transition. Perhaps the most important key to moving as painlessly as possible is to organize before you even pack a box.

Before you pack

Before you begin to pack, make sure you have all the necessary supplies you will need including boxes, scissors, bubble wrap, packing tape, markers and anything else to securely hold and label your belongings. If possible, find boxes with labels on them so that you can pack your items according to the room such as kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

You can also use the tried and true method of wrapping fragile items in newspaper to protect them. Some items such as electronics may require a stronger protector like bubble wrap, so you should determine what items will need extra protection beforehand.

Proper labeling

Even if you label your boxes according to room, you may still also need to keep a record of exactly which items go into which boxes. Knowing specifically what is where will save you a lot of irritation later.

For instance, you should label the box “bedroom decorations” rather than “misc. items.” This record should stay in a place you will remember, usually with the rest of your packing supplies. Color coordinating boxes with stickers or color markers can also help as they can even help your movers keep your items together in one place.

Getting the right packing supplies

If you are uncertain about how much you will be able to fit inside your boxes, err on the side of caution. It is always best to have too many packing supplies rather than too little. You can also use a variety of sizes to prevent having large boxes that are too heavy to manage. You should also find a few wardrobe boxes to accommodate lightweight but bulky items such as comforters or clothes that you cannot fold. As you organize, you also need to know what you should not pack.

Important documents and papers such as birth certificates, bank records and phone numbers should stay close to you. If you are using luggage, you may put these items in secure compartments.

These are only a few tips to keep the stress out of the moving process. The key to a stress free move lies in hiring a professional moving company such as International Van Lines.

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